Wilna is a recommended speaker
for Women's Journey of Faith

Speaking Topics

Wilna is an experienced and practical teacher, bringing encouragement and hope to all who will listen. Wilna's core message (particularly surrounding human sexuality) is incredibly vital in this day and age, and applies to a very wide range of adult listeners. Wilna has been sharing her transformation story with large audiences since 2008. Her redemption and restoration are the driving forces behind her message - and what inspires her to teach and train others to share their own faith stories.

Wilna is passionate to see all people being restored - and to experience life in abundance, here and now! Furthermore, Wilna seeks to fulfill the great commission and has a heart for the lost. Wilna loves to teach believers about abiding in the vine, to become mature disciples, and eventually be called 'fishers of men'. Her aim in life is to be a true ambassador for Christ!

Below are descriptions of the speaking topics Wilna is currently presenting on.

When Gay Comes Home

Homosexuality is one of the most controversial and complex topics in our society today. After having lived a gay lifestyle for many years, Wilna has been set free through the power of the Holy Spirit and has chosen a celibate lifestyle. Wilna provides a thought-provoking and challenging presentation on this topic, incorporating her personal testimony of freedom, redemption, and restoration through Jesus Christ. This seminar will impart insight and practical tools to help pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and anyone working with people facing questions about sexual orientation and homosexuality. It will also be helpful for members of the general public who would like to better understand how to support a friend or family member who experience same-sex attraction.

Holy Sexuality

In an ever-changing society, "Human Sexuality" has become a hot topic of our day, and pastors find it challenging to address it in their congregations. Pornography, premarital cohabitation, marital infidelity, supporting abortion rights, or the issue of same-sex marriage to name a few. In her seminar "Holy Sexuality", Wilna incorporates her own personal journey as a former Lesbian, and shares how she felt separated from God as she practiced and lived a homosexual life. She also addresses several dilemmas that pastors face, which is not limited to such facts as: sin is sin; the issue with the flesh; cultural influence; the Beast; the lack of Word knowledge, compartmentalizing God, the lack of having the Jesus approach and more. Many people do not understand or practice holy sexuality, and find it challenging when you talk about chastity, even inside a marriage (between one man and one woman). According to 1 Thessalonians 4:3 God's will is “that you should be consecrated separated and set apart for pure and holy living."; (AMP). This seminar will undoubtedly help you to not only understand the meaning of "holy sexuality", but will leave you motivated, encouraged and inspired to become unstoppable in sharing biblical truth with your congregation or audience.

Abiding in the Vine

To begin our day with God is THE ONE THING that ought to be the most important habit we form in our lives. We will have zero power to overcome Satan and live a life of victory unless we practice this spiritual discipline daily! Today, this is something utterly foreign to the world around us. There is just no time for God in our busy lives! Therefore it is no surprise that we struggle so much to be victorious Christians! There are things we must do... and God will do the things we cannot do! In this session you will learn the reasons why we cut ourselves off from vital union with God, the importance and benefits of staying connected to The Vine daily, and also practical tips on how to start to implement this very important spiritual discipline at home. Your life will never be the same again!

Dressed for Success: The Full Armor of God

As effective Christians, we are supposed to possess a real threat to our enemy, Satan. Which means we know him, we know his strategies, and we physically and actively war against him. Many believers fail to take this reality seriously. Failure to recognize this vital truth results in painful defeat time and time again! In this session you will learn several reasons why we are not a threat, why we don’t attain victory over certain areas of our lives, some vital spiritual disciplines we need to do when we know our enemy, and some practical tips on how to get "dressed for success" daily, by actively putting God's full armor on! Come and learn to survive this conflict and to prepare for the fight!

Sharing Your Testimony

Since Wilna overcame fear and started sharing her story, it has brought hope and inspired many people. It has changed her entire life. From once being paranoid to speak in front of people, Wilna now boldly shares her testimony in front of audiences of all sizes. She is passionate to teach and train others to get to that same place of overcoming fear, and to share what Jesus has done in their lives. This seminar is a practical teaching on what a biblical testimony is, and how important it is to share with others. Wilna has formerly been part of the Faith Story Team for Women’s Journey of Faith, and loves to share this workshop with others.