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Who Is Your Master?

DVD & Handbook

Embracing Holy Sexuality and winning the battle between the spirit and the flesh.

Ever been torn between your conscience and your desires? It can be so hard to do what is right. Maybe it feels impossible. Maybe you've "followed your heart" and ended up where you never thought you'd be...

Join Wilna van Beek as she unpacks the question - "Who is Your Master?" Wilna brings a wealth of experience in dealing with the business of sexuality and identity. Take it from someone who knows: through the transforming power of God's Word, you can begin to understand your weaknesses and find the truths that will set you free! That's good news! You can live a victorious life!

The battle is real. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can win the war!

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*The DVD and handbook are available individually or as a set. The DVD was filmed in front of a live audience at Regina Christian School in March of 2016. This material is recommended as a student resource (ages 13+) but is highly beneficial as a teaching tool for parents and mentors.


"There are so many voices today attempting to address the issue of sexual identity that confusion and calamity reign supreme. It is, without a doubt, one of most controversial and contentious issues facing the church in this present generation. Christian young people, especially, are assailed from every direction with contradicting views, both from within and without the church, as even the church itself is polarized to the extreme. Some are wholly embracing the most liberal views, while others have adopted the views of the most legalistic Pharisees. The former contending that homosexuality is 'an Act of God' and is to be celebrated; the latter condemning persons ascribing to homosexuality and its variants in the most despicable terms imaginable.

Finally, into this darkness and theological chaos, God has said, "Let there be Light!" I believe this light to be in the person and message of Wilna van Beek. It is a message of love and understanding. It is a message of holiness and consecration. It is a message that reconciled my heart and my theology. It is the voice of experience. It is the voice of reason. I believe it is the voice of God."

- Todd Harrison
Todd Harrison is the principal of Harvest City Christian Academy and has been an Elder and member of the Leadership team of Harvest City Church in Regina, Saskatchewan for almost 30 years. His experience in working with Christian youth in various roles spans over 35 years. Harvest City Church is a member of LifeLinks International.

"Wilna van Beek does a straightforward presentation about choices and homosexuality. Her perspective as one who lived a lesbian lifestyle and made a choice for Christ lends weight to her message. She challenges us to choose Christ and backs that call with scripture and illustrations from her own testimony. She shares in such a way as to make this video and workbook a great tool for parents teaching their children or for Church and youth groups wanting to discuss the topic."

- Boyd Hopkins, M.Div, Spoken Word Ministries Association

"Get ready to be confronted...with hope and truth. Wilna masterfully simplifies the complex issues of homosexuality, capturing the attention of all with her three adorable dogs. It is a magnificent teaching tool filled with rich truths, insight and practical answers for tough questions. Wilna speaks with courage and grace having formerly had same-sex
attractions. She understands the pain, the shame and leaves us with a longing to know the One who can truly set us free. Reminding us that "all things are possible with God." You will not be disappointed!!!"

- Elisabeth Martens, parent and mentor

"We were pleased to have Wilna speak to our student body and staff on what can be a very difficult subject. She was non-judgmental, compassionate, and loving as she shared openly from her own experience and the truth of God's word. It's evident that Wilna's greatest desire is to see people set free from pain, confusion, and condemnation by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is an excellent communicator with a clear understanding of scripture and God’s love for each person no matter where they are at in their lives. I would highly recommend her presentation to schools and churches."

- Rod Rilling, Principal, Regina Christian School

"This material is necessary for teenagers."

- Easton, age 15


"After experiencing freedom from a homosexual lifestyle, Wilna has experienced what it takes to walk the talk when it comes to holy sexuality. Join her as she explores the principles to a fulfilling life in Who Is Your Master? It gave me a clear understanding of how God wants us to view and enjoy sex in the right way. I will recommend it to friends that are not clear about what God says about sexuality."

- Jayden, age 18

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The DVD and Handbook are available individually or as a set. You may order the hard copy or choose the download version.