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When Gay Comes Home DVD Series - $40 - Available now!

Wilna van Beek brings you an enlightening seminar to shine the light of truth on one of today’s most controversial topics. When Gay Comes Home provides a thought-provoking and challenging presentation on the topic of homosexuality. This DVD series includes Wilna's personal transformation story, testimonies and the much needed new and Biblical approach - as well as other helpful resources to equip us in understanding and responding in love to this sensitive issue.

"We must all learn to put our JESUS GLASSES on with all people, including those living a gay lifestyle!"


"This was the most insightful and discerning video on this controversial subject that I have ever seen. Wilna gives us an unprecedented look into the complex struggles, pain and humanity of the gay issue in the church. She is gut-level honest, authentic and wise. She offers unique information that unpacks the multifaceted dilemma facing us all - and offers profound advice for pastors, parents, siblings and friends of those we love who experience same-sex attractions."

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Co-Host of The 700 Club Canada, Author of Relentless Redemption

"When Gay Comes Home is one of the most amazing presentations I have heard on the topic in 25 years of ministry. Wilna van Beek shares candidly from her own struggle with the gay lifestyle and the calling of God on her life. She is compassionate and honest, and her insights call us to engage ministry among those experiencing same-sex attractions as Jesus might have done it. This seminar is for anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the issues involved in the gay lifestyle in light of biblical Christianity."

Rev. Boyd Hopkins M.Div., Founder of Spoken Word Ministries Association

"Wilna is a powerful speaker with an important message. She speaks with compassion, respect and insight into a difficult topic. Wilna's message to the church and those who love persons experiencing same-sex attractions is a must-hear message. She provides biblical insight and a Christ-like perspective that is essential to the church today."

Lorie Hartshorn, International Speaker, Bible teacher, Pastor and creator of Finding Freedom DVD Bible Study

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