"Wilna is a woman of God who has a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Wilna has a teaching gift from God and a life story of deliverance, transformation and victory through Him. I have come to know Wilna over the last several years and had the privilege of being her pastor. She has a calling and passion to help people encounter salvation and discover their identity in Jesus Christ. Through the When Gay Comes Home Seminar, Wilna speaks on this topic from her own life's experiences and I highly recommend her as a speaker or teacher at your next event."
- Pastor Perry Hubick, Life Outreach Church

"I highly recommend Wilna to speak to your church service, youth group, family seminars, women's retreats, counseling service events or any number of opportunities to share, teach and inspire. I've witnessed her incredible growth as a speaker and teacher of God's word  since 2007. She speaks with great conviction, love and authority as I've known her as a team leader, friend and now a recommended speaker with our organization." 
- Jodi Kozan, Founder & President, Women's Journey of Faith

"Wilna has completed the training course School of Women in Ministrywhich equips women to serve with excellence.  While taking the course, I was honored to be able to get to know her and her story of overcoming the gay lifestyle. She has a passion to help those caught in this bondage and also for instructing the church how to reach out to these for whom Christ died.  She does this with great attention to biblical truth.  I can highly recommend Wilna as a woman of excellence, with a passion to serve others with excellence."
- Linda Ozirney, Director of BGCC Women's Ministries, Dean, School of Women in Ministry

"Wilna has been a friend of mine for several years and I have watched as God has developed her gift of teaching. If you want an open, honest, bible based presentation on the issue of homosexuality, invite Wilna to speak at your event. You will not be disappointed! Her victorious life is an example of the transformational power of Jesus Christ as she abides in Him daily."
- Maureen Brown, Life Coach, Restoring Balance

"When Gay Comes Home is the best presentation I have attended to date on the topic of gay sexual identity and the Christian faith. Wilna van Beek brings the perspective of one who has not only walked the gay lifestyle but who has also responded to the call of Christ on her life. Her insights are both biblical and practical. I recommend this event for anyone struggling both to understand the nature of sexual identity issues and to form a biblical response to family and friends who live the gay lifestyle."
- Rev. Boyd Hopkins B.A., M.Div., Founder of Spoken Word Ministries Association, Mission City, BC, Canada

"When I heard Wilna share her story about Jesus changing her life, I felt like I had a glimpse into an unknown world. One who lives a gay life is often met with assumptions, misunderstandings, judgement and reservation. Wilna encourages us to to live everyday with our Jesus glasses on. Her seminar, When Gay Comes Home brings hope and clarity to those of us who desire to reach those who are searching for God's truth and Christ's answers to homosexuality."
- Leah Beutler, Founder of Winning Women, Saskatoon SK