People today are searching for answers...

Especially when it comes to sexuality and spirituality. Wilna's message teaches love without compromise, and is a critical word for our times. She shares tidings of healing and hope to a confused people seeking to understand the truth - in keeping with God's word! It is her desire to be available and accessible to share wherever the Lord leads!

Group Consultations

No place too far

While Wilna loves to travel and share - the technology of today makes it possible for Wilna to speak to your audience when it is not possible for her to be there in person. Whether a simple conference call or a live streaming video - Wilna would love the opportunity to connect in this way!

If you have an event or gathering you'd like Wilna to speak to, or perhaps a classroom or small group setting where a Q&A session would be appropriate, Wilna is happy to consider meeting your needs - even from a remote location!

If you would like to inquire about an online conversation or teaching session with Wilna, please speak to her directly to discuss the scheduling, fees, and other details of your request. This will enable her to best understand your needs as well as ensure that the commitment will be mutually agreeable.

Personal Guidance

Help for home

Often times as Wilna shares her story of transformation, individuals and/or couples are stirred to reach out to her on a personal level - seeking private help or counsel - particularly in the area of responding to a friend or family member who is part of the LGBTQ community. Wilna's heart is to educate, equip, and enlighten the body of Christ on a very complex topic! In order to best guide these connections, it is best to have a pre-determined arrangement of payment and session scheduling. Wilna aims to steward the time appropriately and respect the boundaries of all involved.

If you would like to learn more about receiving guidance on a personal level, don't hesitate to message Wilna!