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When Gay Comes Home - Learning to Build Bridges by Wilna van Beek


"Never before have we faced such challenges in our culture with respect to issues of our sexuality and gender identity. Wilna van Beek is a voice of wisdom, strength, and courage in the desert. I have not seen this kind of profoundly important information presented so succinctly in any other format. Simplifying and bringing the confusion into an understandable place of dialogue and support, she has captured both the heart of the matter and the challenge of our culture.

Families facing the unexpected news of a child who "comes out," or someone dealing with their own internal battle, will find real answers as they wrestle through this emotionally charged topic. This is a must-read for every pastor, youth pastor, leader, and support worker who wants to have a relevant biblical perspective of the difficult societal challenge our world faces today. Wilna's bravery, character, and calling are for such a time as this. I thank God for her!"

- Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Co-Host of The 700 Club Canada, Host of Laura-Lynn & Friends, Author of Relentless Redemption

"I recall a time when Wilna gave her testimony in a church while, outside, an angry mob was protesting. Why not treat them to a barbecue on the lawn? Of course! Before she spoke, they all were welcomed in, but few accepted the gracious offer. Starting her presentation with seeking forgiveness, she created an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

While some of us are fighting the culture war, firing defensive salvos on Facebook, Wilna has not lost sight of the fact that our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities (Ephesians 6:2). She reserves her salvos for the likes of them, but as for her human detractors, she walks a path central to Scripture all but forgotten by the rest of us: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him" (Romans 12:20, NIV). It is that kind of authenticity that caused one protester to end up crying in her arms!

Many Christian authors have written about homosexuality, but Wilna has written from an angle that so badly needs to be shared - how to simply love those involved in it. Having been there herself, Wilna approaches this subject with winsome and disarming childlike innocence. If we would all approach the subject with the same compassion, how many more might end up crying in our arms and finding their way to the freedom so many secretly long for?"

- Mark Sandford
Director, Elijah House, USA head of Elijah House Ministries International, Co-author of Deliverance and Inner Healing, Healing the Earth (with John Sandford), and Divine Eros (with Joy Corey)

"Wilna van Beek is one of my heroes. She courageously and vulnerably shares her own experience of growing up feeling different and the early wounds which led her to embrace a homosexual lifestyle. She explores the root causes of same-sex attractions and offers hope and healing for those who experience them, as well as the families who love them.

Her book is well researched and packed with relevant scripture, helpful diagrams, and other resources. Wilna graciously takes us beyond a discussion about homosexuality and heterosexuality to embrace holy sexuality. This is a must-read for people seeking to understand same-sex attractions in light of the Bible and anyone who longs to represent Jesus to the LGBTQ community in a loving, redemptive way."

- Donna Carter
International author, speaker, and broadcaster

"The message of Wilna's book is critical for our time. She shares with openness and vulnerability her own journey of sexuality and then provides a framework of grace in helping others navigate their own journeys. This equipping is necessary for churches and believers as we seek to reach people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Great freedom will be found by those who read this powerful story."

- Lorie Hartshorn
Author, Speaker and Pastor

"In When Gay Comes Home, Wilna van Beek beautifully weaves together two profound stories into a tapestry of faith, hope, and love.

The first story is her story. It is told with compelling courage and refreshing transparency and desperately needs to be heard today. Wilna’s honest vulnerability projects us beyond the predictable and tired cultural norms of individualism, self-identification, and sensual pleasure and allows us to see that there is another, higher way to live: the way of humility and repentance, which leads to transformation and genuine life!

The second story is the well-worn but often misunderstood story of Jesus and how Jesus loves and cares for people... all people. It is Jesus who enables the transformation we all so desperately require. In the book, Wilna capably serves as both a pastor and a prophetess. As pastor, she effectively explains Scripture to provide comfort, encouragement, and hope. As prophetess, she boldly proclaims truth. Be prepared to be uncomfortable as you read When Gay Comes Home. Truth has a way of making us feel that way.

The clear and timeless biblical foundations established in this book will enable the timely application of its truth in the lives of individuals, families facing real-life challenges, and Christian congregations seeking to reflect the fullness of both grace and truth."

- David E. Hazzard
General Secretary Treasurer, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

"As I made my way through the pages of When Gay Comes Home, I sensed Wilna's feelings of brokenness and rejection, which started as a young girl and continued into adulthood. I could sense her feeling of separation from God. Then the door was opened and the love of Jesus was allowed to flow in and fill the emptiness. I could see the healing and redemption that took place in Wilna's life.

Often when we read a book related to the topic of homosexuality, we forget the people involved, what they think, how they live, and their fears and joys. When Gay Comes Home reveals Wilna's heart for the hurting, for those living the gay lifestyle, and for those walking this path with them.

When Gay Comes Home establishes very clearly what God's Word says on this subject and how Wilna has studied the Bible extensively to present the truth. This book will teach you the importance of maintaining your beliefs and not compromising your moral standards for the worldly view, but how to love and honor a gay son, daughter, or even a neighbor unconditionally.

When Gay Comes Home is a must-read for those dealing with a gay loved one, and for pastors and youth leaders. Very simply, it's for everyone. Very inspirational and educational."

- Jan
Parent of a gay son

"When Gay Comes Home is an inspirational and educational book which reveals the healing and restoration power of God from an unholy sexual lifestyle. Moreover, the book also gives crucial insights on how the body of Christ can reach out to persons within the LGBTQ community with compassion and love, without compromising the truth of the Word of God, which is currently the case in some Christian communities today.

This book is a masterpiece and a much-needed evangelistic tool in the body of Christ. Indeed, the author has been truly inspired by the Holy Spirit to write on such a sensitive topic so as to equip the church and every Christian on how to minister to people within the LGBTQ community without a judgmental spirit or compromise.

I must candidly say that reading this book has educated and empowered me to reach out to those struggling with this issue with a Kingdom wisdom and knowledge. I highly recommend this book to any Christian who loves Jesus Christ and loves all that He is to humanity."

- Dr. Kazumba Charles
Host of Kingdom Insight TV
Founder of Christ Passion Evangelistic Network

"Wilna's book, When Gay Comes Home: Learning to Build Bridges, is a must-read for people who are looking for insight and encouragement on same-sex issues. I have known Wilna for a number of years and have heard her teach and share her story of victory. She has amazing insights which can help individuals and families navigate through the journey of dealing with the gay lifestyle."

- Dave Wells
Team Leader, Life Links International Inc.

"I applaud Wilna for tackling a subject so vital in this hour and yet so avoided. Because she shares her personal journey with such vulnerability, honesty, and transparency, it will bring much healing to all who open their hearts to her message. She has made what she has learned and walked through so clear and simple that anyone can benefit regardless of their struggles. Wilna communicates beautifully that the real issue is our heart condition - and that is what Jesus is after, first and foremost, in each one of us."

- Patricia Fraser
Founding Director of Saskatchewan House of Prayer

"By sharing her experience of God’s redeeming love and the ways in which the truth and grace of Jesus deeply transformed her life, Wilna gives us evidence that the Gospel is good news for gay men and women. The book helps us to respond to God's call to minister Jesus' truth and grace to others so that many more will come home to God's redeeming love."

- Bryan Kliewer
Director, Exodus Global Alliance