About Wilna


The rainbow; a sign of hope and promise. Born and raised in South Africa, Wilna heard the myth: "if you can run under a rainbow, it will change your sex!"

For as long as she can remember, she knew she was different. Wilna always wished she had been born a boy, and so she tried to run under every rainbow she saw! At the age of 21, she began to have gay relationships. Having been taught the Word of God from a young age, she felt so ashamed. She knew she was living a lifestyle that was displeasing to the Lord. Struggling under the weight of her lies and leading a double-life, Wilna's fear, shame, and guilt kept her silent. Yet, deep down, she hoped that someday, somehow... her story would be brought into the light.

For 25 years, Wilna tried to change herself. The moment she entered into a gay relationship, a wall would go up between herself and God. She felt separated from His presence. This eventually brought her to a place of total surrender (in 2003), when she invited Jesus into that specific area of her heart and asked for His help. She chose to live a celibate life at this time, and gradually, things started to change.

Wilna has experienced and whole-heartedly believes that the "foundation of all happiness" is to know Jesus - personally and intimately. This is the KEY to living life "in abundance till it overflows!" (John 10:10) It was the Holy Spirit who convinced her that she needed God's presence in her life, and that only He can satisfy all her needs.

"No psychiatrists, self-help books, or efforts to "fix" myself could do for me what the Holy Spirit has done!" says Wilna. "You and I will have zero power to overcome and live a life of victory unless we abide in Jesus, daily!"

"Change" for Wilna did not mean that she was "fixed" or "cured," or instantly changed from being a homosexual into a heterosexual. Through fully and wholeheartedly surrendering to Christ, Wilna has chosen to practice and embrace holy sexuality, - as, in fact - this is what Christ requires from all of us! Remaining single is an act of worship to the Lord, and Wilna delights herself in exercising this freedom. Wilna's same-sex attractions have since diminished and are no longer existing - yet she is fully aware that this is not the reality for many people who share a similar journey.


God has placed a passion and call on Wilna's life. In her seminar entitled When Gay Comes Home, Wilna offers a thought-provoking and challenging presentation on this topic. The seminar incorporates her personal testimony of freedom, redemption, and restoration through Jesus Christ! This initial seminar has now expanded into a ministry of educating, equipping, and enlightening the Body of Christ on how to build bridges - to display Christ-like love between the Church and the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) community. "Our world is full of people who have been hurt by those who are supposed to love them," says Wilna, "and I believe it is time we educate ourselves with regards to the topic of homosexuality. To begin with, we need to learn how to love and accept all, including members of the LGBTQ community. God requires us to love, yet we must never compromise the truth of God's Word. We must remember, all are worthy of God's love, and WE have to be true ambassadors of Christ! We must represent God's Kingdom well, so others might want to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ."

Initially, Wilna didn't fully realize what it would mean to be an ambassador for Christ. She only knew that she wanted to go deeper in her relationship with Him. She knows now, that when things are exposed to the Light - Jesus, Himself - not only will darkness go, but painful life experiences in our lives can often help others who are on a similar journey.

Silence was previously a tactic that Satan tried to use in Wilna's life. But in November of 2011, when she walked on stage (legs shaking!) at a Women's Journey of Faith conference in front of 1500 women, Wilna heard the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "You are now starting to take back the territory that Satan not only stole from you, but from thousands and thousands of others!" This was the beginning of not only this ministry, but of a personal experience of Acts 1:8: "But you will receive power and ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be My witnesses [to tell people about Me]..." (AMPC). This power remains the source that Wilna so earnestly draws from - not only to write and produce resources and materials - but to sustain her as Christ works in and through her - as a living vessel.

Wilna has been speaking to large audiences since 2009 - equipping leaders and pastors from various denominations, nation-wide. She is currently completing work on her next resource, entitled "Who Is Your Master" - to be released very soon. Wilna uses her 3 dogs to illustrate the concept of acknowledging and obeying our "Master." Targeted at teens, it will be a valuable tool for youth pastors and parents in educating the next generation on practicing Holy Sexuality in an overly-sexualized world.

Like Moses in the desert, doubting his own ability to lead God's people - Wilna never thought that God would use an ordinary farm girl such as herself to tell the world: "This is who I was, but with the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, I am a changed and transformed woman. I no longer self-identify as a lesbian, but I have a new identity - and I live it to the full - as a daughter of the King of Kings!" Wilna does not claim to have all the answers or a scientific approach to understanding homosexuality; rather, she shares openly from her own journey. The Lord has helped her to not only make sense of her struggles, but to overcome them! Her "life-verse" has become Esther 4:14: "For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise... from elsewhere... and who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?" (AMP).

Although the topic of homosexuality is highly controversial and very complex, Wilna challenges and encourages her audiences with her authenticity to be courageous: to tackle this topic now, not later. She is very open and honest about her former lifestyle, and is proficiently suited to help people understand what a homosexual person goes through.

Wilna is keen to help parents and friends of homosexuals. In many cases, when someone announces they are gay, most people have no idea how to respond. Wilna has also kick-started a support group to help nurture parents, family and friends of gay loved ones.

Furthermore, Wilna seeks to fulfill the great commission and has a heart for the lost. Wilna shares on a variety of topics and loves to teach believers about abiding in the vine, to become mature disciples, and eventually be called 'fishers of men'. Her aim and desire in life is to be a true ambassador for Christ, to be a signpost that points people to Jesus!


Wilna is involved with outreaches such as: Winning Women (a ministry that reaches out to children in the inner city of Saskatoon) and is an active member of her local church. She is also part of Life Links International. Wilna graduated from the School of Women in Ministry in 2012.

Wilna has dual citizenship (Canada and South Africa) and currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She owns her own grooming business in Saskatoon, and is excited to use her God-given talents and gifts to interact with clients and their dogs. Though the rest of her family is still in South Africa, she considers her three dogs, Daisy, Thursdae and Meisie part of her family.

"No psychiatrists, self help books, or desire to fix myself could do for me what the Holy Spirit has done!"




"And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?"

- Esther 4:14(b)