When Gay Comes Home...

How do you deal with homosexuality? Do you have your Jesus glasses on? Wilna van Beek has created an in-depth resource to give you the tools you need to support a person experiencing same-sex attraction, or even how to deal with this in your own personal life!

For Such a Time as This

What does the world need to hear? The voice of truth! Wilna's transformation story is powerful and increasingly relevant. Her message brings hope and offers pertinent teaching to churches and groups regarding; the Gay Lifestyle, Sharing Your Testimony, Abiding in the Vine, and more.

Consulting & Guidance

Bring the message home! If you have an event or gathering you'd like Wilna to speak to, Wilna is happy to consider meeting your needs - even from a remote location! It is her desire to be available and accessible to share wherever the Lord leads.



A voice for truth.

Wilna van Beek is a speaker, teacher, and woman of God who has found the key to living life in abundance! Through the power of Jesus Christ, Wilna has been redeemed from living the gay lifestyle, and has been called to share with the world that only Jesus can satisfy all of our needs!

"No psychiatrists, self help books, or desire to fix myself could do for me what the Holy Spirit has done!"